my name

i teach a creative writing course for middle and high school aged students who are homeschooled. it's really fun and i appreciate the casual and community focused educational environment. one of my superstar students is a talented teenage poet who recently gave me a homework assignment, or challenge as i call them, to write a … Continue reading my name


short poem

  i love to say hello hate to say goodbye look you up and down then look you in the eye yearning for the future nostalgic for what’s passed wanna change the world but we’re still buying gas consumer and producer are we making love or am i just a pigeon mistaken for a dove … Continue reading short poem

What Do You See? Questions from Trayvon Martin to his killer

  What do you see when you look at me?You don’t look me in the eyes So what is it you’re looking for? Am I the kid who beat up your brother in middle school?Am I the one who stole his bike and you couldn’t do anything about it?Do you see vengeance in me?A chance to … Continue reading What Do You See? Questions from Trayvon Martin to his killer

braided and baked

braided and baked like challah my identity is constantly turning and being read like torah different interpretations of the same living thing and idea an artifact we can study it is my breath on the bar'chu calling me up to be my tongue on tekiah waking up those who sleep i speak my purpose i … Continue reading braided and baked

why you should wait

i know you wanna go coz all day you gotta wait gotta wait  for the train and then wait at the gate wait for the show and wait to have fun and then wait until you can go wait for a bus wait to use cuss words when it's okay wait to play major leagues … Continue reading why you should wait