why you should wait

i know you wanna go coz all day you gotta wait
gotta wait  for the train and then wait at the gate
wait for the show and wait to have fun and then
wait until you can go

wait for a bus wait to use cuss
words when it’s okay wait to
play major leagues wait for me
wait for you wait for your mama
and your whole crew wait to ride
the metro alone wait for your mom
to get home wait for christmas or
your birthday… wait to really “get”
this poem on thursday all the while
waiting for the right time with the
right one when you both decide you
can wait no longer and right then

and it’s good, i know, it’s no secret, the whole world knows
you wanna go
wanna grow
wanna give
it’s up to you
to choose.
how you
and your baby


pro-choice means professional
so make sure your decision is
too many youth wanna jump the gun
wanna bust then run
tryna git-er-dun the old fashioned way
the old cave many do it like animals way
protection or not . . . STOP!

i know. you don’t wanna wait. don’t wanna live for the future you wanna live for the now. and the bait is drawing you in. . . STOP!
don’t get caught, little fishies

you ain’t grown, and even if you is you definitely ain’t ready to start a home
and that’s what this is. our home. the world. every hood. seen the same problems
and the same smart kids who decide whether or not to fall into or to solve ’em

be pro-choice.
make that professional decision to solve the tough questions
before they’re asked
you can do whatever task you
put on your plate

don’t worry. you won’t be late if you wait for ____,
just like you wait for the next move in life
i know this is not chess, but you’re a queen
and we can’t have royal women of your stature
getting stuck with too many pawns
teens with toddlers in their arms
dropping out to take care of Shawns
career on hold.
lifetime earning potential not moving on higher
less likely to get hired or even apply

we’re tired of these trends

so in addition to waiting (which i know you can)
we gotta get in these streets and talk to your friends
perhaps while waiting for a bus or something like that
or at an open mic spittin facts

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