a poet speaks

for a symphony of sad
a poet speaks
and repeats

life like a cypher
a poet speaks
we’d like to like her

you’d like to light her

see reality’s thunderclap
just behind your eyes
the moment her lightening strikes your skies

a poet speaks

to the hidden and hiding
the forbidden and the biding
the waiters and the takers
a poet speaks

with acres of mass
and no real

what is the opposite of an island?
that is where you’ll find her
buried and digging
with light on all sides
so you can’t see the shadows
a poet speaks

years from the chest
through peers put to rest
and fears manifest
overcoming or coping
your ears can attest
this here’s not the best
but the greatest
a poet speaks

and the weight is like
to truth
and vice a versa
it seems life’s a curse a million
magicians cast on the downtrodden
who can’t see the blessings
changing costume and accent
trying to act like cursed words
in young mouths over
backs bent into
his verbs and
her shouts
we hear
a poet speak

and have no doubt
there is weakness
providing all that strength

there is a flexible forest
swaying through the curses
in your chest
rising hundreds of feet from
your windpipes
when them lights get low
beneath your canopy
it may not be the the prettiest show
but it is, and you are, undeniably
the greatest star we see
disguised as a seed
coming up from the dirt

a poet speaks
grassroots twinkle
foreshadowing what’s to come
when fully realized
life changes
and one

in the words she
a poet

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