#423 – “girl, u be killin em”

wear your relationship status on your finger like a slavery certificate that says “mozel tov!”
wear your heartache under your eyes like a concealer that costs way too much but can’t be returned
wear it proudly
let it burn in the eyes of jealous jackals
wear your regrets under your shoes
like dirty socks, few holes

like miners
searching for beauty
in your eyes
finding only rocks

wear your rocks on your head like stunner shades at night
“look at me now”
says the rich girl
wearing inequality around her waist
and race-is-um her tiara
she’s a terror, it’s
killin em

in the streets and behind closed doors
in magazines and photo shoots like gun ranges
on the top floor
bottoms on. top off.
we’re on the floor
dancing, and
they’ve got us somehow able to ignore
the well-funded worldwide brutal war
destroying her mother earth
like miners
digging digital death certificates into our minds
and throwing rocks in the air
hoping to find solid ground
in a man’s ice chest.

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