my name

i teach a creative writing course for middle and high school aged students who are homeschooled. it's really fun and i appreciate the casual and community focused educational environment. one of my superstar students is a talented teenage poet who recently gave me a homework assignment, or challenge as i call them, to write a [...]


Pretoria Mob Performs Illegal Eviction of Arts House in South Africa

Sunnyside, Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa — 10 June 2017 Early Saturday morning around 8am a group of roughly 40-50 people, claiming to be a medley of community associations, stormed the property of Mthubi the Hub, a nonprofit arts organization based near Hatfield at 1005 Arcadia Street. The mob ransacked the arts house throwing all the [...]

short poem

  i love to say hello hate to say goodbye look you up and down then look you in the eye yearning for the future nostalgic for what’s passed wanna change the world but we’re still buying gas consumer and producer are we making love or am i just a pigeon mistaken for a dove [...]

all around the world

i've been traveling a lot without updating my website. my apologies. in the summer of 2015 i took the DC Youth Slam Team to New York City, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, Atlanta, Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Cape Town, South Africa. right now i am in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (with no young poets) for a much needed [...]