I Should’ve Cussed on the News

at the protests the news reporters keep coming up to me, asking my thoughts and why i’m there. i keep telling them there are better people to talk to and that i can put them in touch with some of the young black people leading this march. i might refuse to do the interviews from now on, but i’m a sucker for the camera. here i am on news channel 8 last night as we shut down DC to raise our voices for justice for Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

here’s the link to the video. 


i stopped myself from saying something about a fucked up world we live in because i knew it was live. i shouldn’t have been so respectful. should’ve let my passions continue, but i was trying to sound intelligent and make some cogent points. i should’ve cussed. should’ve chanted. should’ve directly addressed the viewers. meh. ima just follow the chants, link up, and march in the streets again tonight, and probably tomorrow too.

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