words that saved me today

so in a random online conversation with a former student now in college, amid regular talk of school and adjusting to college life, this student hits me with something I didn’t expect. she was a relatively shy student and she probably never won nor entered a poetry slam. nevertheless she stayed involved and kept writing and coming to workshops. randomly, after I thought the conversation was over, she hit me with the following words that totally saved me. this work can be tiring. it can be draining. we can lose faith and doubt our effectiveness. I doubt a lot. I doubt everything. I often think everyone over-hypes my work and gives me undue praise. I always think there is more to do or that I’m not making enough of a difference. recently I’ve felt very drained and doubtful. her words will keep me going for years.


to paraphrase, she said:


 if I didn’t ever tell you, i want you to know that you really have helped me with my poetry and confidence. I thank you so much:) I’m very glad to hear that you are still doing what you love because it keeps me going knowing that I can do the same after college. Keep doing you JBT


don’t worry y’all. I will keep doing me. as long as i possibly can.


One thought on “words that saved me today

  1. hey Jon. it’s Ray from UMCP-AAP and Terpoets. Yeah, i’ve been realizing more and more how your much you, and henry combined, have influenced me to be a better person. even when i feel like being a shiffy person cuz that’s what the world “deserves” i cant seem to do it. I want to make a difference, i want to be an example, and i want to lead/facilitate, and heal, and help others heal via arts.

    Your presence in my life, your energy, initiatives (terpoets etc) and your humanity err…menschness… all of your being that had the opportunity to experience, is one of the greatest inspirations ive ever felt in my nonvirtual, real life.

    I’m sure i’ve told you this before: I can totally call you my hero. and a couple of times every year, i am reminded i can be someone’s hero too.

    there goes my hero
    watch him as he goes

    live long and prosper, my brother

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