Viva La Causa

it’s been a minute since my last post. so much has happened and i will not be able to tell you about even half of it. i will give you what i can before we start our debrief discussion for tonight.

basically, i am not in Memphis, TN, the last stop on our summer civil rights journey. we drove here from Mississippi today, and i don’t think i’ve updated you at all about Alabama and Mississippi, which are often the most intense parts of the trip. i was very busy dealing with teen drama and trip logistics and the occassional liberatory education planning.

viva_header_535x108at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, AL we received a present in the form of a video about the farmworker struggle in california in the 60’s. the film is called Viva La Causa, and you can find more info about it (and how educators can get a free copy with a teachers guide) at

in general the SPLC is amazing and their Teaching Tolerance program is awesome. let me know what you think about it. also, if you are interested in learning about current hate groups in the U.S. then chck out the site and view the map that their Intelligence Project routinely updates. yes, we got hate groups in DC too. crazy stuff.

i gotta run. peace.

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