sanskruta stree para shakti

it means “an enlightened woman is a tremendous power,” and was written on a fancy scroll given to Coretta Scott King when she visited a university in India. i found this scroll at the King Center in Atlanta, located beside The Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Kings’ burial site on sweet Auburn Avenue.
the quote had significant meaning for me this year, for we have many strong independent female students in the program, but they are lacking unity and trust. working toward enlightenment, some of these bright young ladies are having troublem dealing with their peers’ competitive nature. we shall overcome, though.

yesterday we met with Project South before leaving Hotlanta, and we all were very impressed with their progressive social justice programs. hosted there by Fredando Jackson, we learned to sing a great call and response song which goes like this:
“solid as a rock
rooted as a tree
i am here
standing strong
in my rightful place”

tomorrow we visit the 16th Street Baptist Church for services, and to learn about the 1964 bombing which claimed the lives of four young ladies and shook the town (literally) and the nation (figuratively). we will also tour a great museum across the street, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and Kelly Ingram Park, which you will remember from the Children’s March and the images of fire-hoses and police dogs being used against peaceful young demonstrators. we have some powerful days ahead of us, and i am looking forward to seeing the students stop joking and get serious.

now i gotta go get ready to lead a few activities and discussions with the group.

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