drum circle at malcolm x park

after karma kitchen yesterday (which was great! why weren’t you there???) i walked over to malcolm x park with my friends brandon and sei. they helped me practice some of my poems for the slam, and gave me some much needed advice. thanks y’all!

we also participated in the drum circle, which was like a crazy awesome festival. that’s where we learned that b cannot fit into sei’s cute little red vest and hat combo. see for yourself:

B n Sei


these two are some super-talented young artists. i met them through city at peace, which is a great social-justice-youth-development-anti-oppression-arts-and-activism-non-profit that i volunteer with now.

i was thinking that these two could make a great duo. i should manage them as a group. we will call it “b & sei.” get it?

sound it out.


no? still don’t get it.

look out for big things coming from “b-n-sei” in the near future.


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