karma kitchen

this sunday, june 7th, i will be cooking up some generosity with the amazing folks at karma kitchen. every sunday from noon to 3pm they open the doors and give the gift of a fresh, hot, healthy meal to anyone who should want to come in and dine. the “bill” at the end of the meal says $0.00, and guests are encouraged to pay it forward with acts of generosity (or with $$ donated for next weeks meals).

the concept is simple, yet amazing.

and i love it!!!

moving from a life of scarcity and greed to one of abundance and generosity.

moving from me and mine to us and ours.

shifting our expectations and confronting capitalism.

please, if you’re in the dc area, join us at karma kitchen any sunday from noon to 3pm at the polo india club, 1736 connecticut ave., nw, in dupont circle, just north of the circle.

and if you’re not in the dc area, there are at least three other similar “experiments in generosity” that i know of: two in california- berkeley and long beach- and the original in ahmedebad, india.

karma kitchen is a transformational experience. i go back almost every sunday, and now i help coordinate it with other volunteers who have also been moved by the experience. come sit at the community table, meet someone new, and share in the endless meal of vegetarian, indian cuisine prepared by the professional chefs of the polo india club. you will not be disappointed.

2 thoughts on “karma kitchen

  1. wow. i love karma kitchen too. and miss it (and all of you) terribly 😦 definitely want to visit the one in ahemdabad when i go there in a few weeks. i’ll report back 🙂 hope all is well!!!!

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