beltway poetry slam photos

jonathan the host

hosting the beltway poetry slam back in october or something. i forget. gotta love the dreamer hat with the green apple higher achievement shirt.

this is 2deep the poetess, my teammate from the 2009 11th hour busboys and poets dc slam team, and the feature at january 2011’s beltway poetry “slam of the union”
make some noise for the poets

this girl was bad ass! i hope she comes back to slam again. she was killin it.
feature poet

jon sands, our featured artist back when we first started this beltway thing. he is coming back to the fridge on feb. 23rd, the day after the next beltway poetry slam, which is tuesday feb. 22nd. he’ll be with mike mcgee and the whirlwind tour. should be fabulous.
fridge alley

the rear alley of 516 8th street, se. this is the view from the fridge.

you can see me up in the dj booth, rockin the extra medium dc flag shirt. the judges are showing dwayne b. the scores for the beltway poetry slam back in fall 2010.

stefen micko featured at beltway poetry slam in fall 2010.


we get a nice crowd. standing room only most nights. well, some sitting room too, up on the floor by the stage. that’s where my tiny butt stays.

hope to see you there next time.

last tuesday of every month at the fridge.

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