congratulations, you are reading

i thought i would commend you for a job well done, thus far at least, with a small mention of your great accomplishment, as it has played out, this instant, in some trivial web reading. but alas, you are reading nonetheless! and in our day and age, well slap me silly and call me bob, that is a rarity and a downright noble quality in a beautiful lover like yourself. thank you. thank you. but i indulge you to read further, for the greatness of your reading is not the limit of my blogular expression. no, i portend to throw compliments around like candy from an invading tank. and strange words like portend, as if i know how to use them properly; i don’t. same goes for semi-colons also. and dashes. or whatever those hyphen-dash-hybrid things are with two of them– you see what i mean.

i like your face. it is nice. people like you. they do. we do. you make us feel better about ourselves. in a good way. not in a comparative way.


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