matches + candles = happy holidays

as the sun went down on world aids day. chanukah started. wed. dec. first. otherwise referred to as yesterday. tonight is the second night of the jewish festival of lights and i haven’t celebrated with anyone but myself yet. no worries though. i’m going home to be with my family tomorrow after work. if you’re going to be celebrating a holiday and you need a really nice, sweatshop free, made in america, top quality, affordable, edutaining gift, then you should consider buying my book, i got the matches, here online. i will mail it to you with special edition simpsons stamps. if you want me to gift wrap it with one hundred percent recycled gift wrap i will gladly find a free newspaper or old bag to artfully dress your book before sending it. i got the matches incudes nineteen poems. each with a short introduction explaining some aspect of it. or me. or where i was at when i wrote it. or something cute and behind the scenes like that. for instance, the one on page twenty five reads:

i first started writing poetry as a young teen to express my secret crushes and feelings for the neighborhood girls. though i’ve expanded my subject matter to a wide array of issues since then, women will eternally inspire men to write, and this piece is a more recent, hopefully more mature exploration and explanation of the kind of lovely woman that i need.

that is the intro to a poem called electric sunshine. i don’t perform that poem anymore. i had it memorized at one point, but no longer. i wonder why that one faded from my mind. and subsequently my set list. i’m glad it lives still on the page. one day that might be only place any of us live on. do websites remain on the internet somewhere after they die? are my first email address and instant messenger names still out there somewhere? is that how we will dig for historic information in the future? well this blog might just be adding to the record of what i have ever posted online. here’s to the hope that someone, anyone, cares to find it.

happy holidays everyone.

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