it’s been a long time . . .

i shouldn’ta left you
without a great poem to mess you
bless you, gesundheit, like snot on your sleeve
with heart and emotion, hits you on the way out
when you leave
it’s a-door-able
swinging on hinges
can’t be locked down coz like flames
this singes
so hot summertime rhymes sweeter than candy
put down your score cards, i’m just fine and dandy
i’ve had enough of the slam, g
so i’m beggin please just can we
get together and jam more
no need for riots or clamor
gimme a beat and a seat and i don’t care who started it
i’m ending this damn war

2 thoughts on “it’s been a long time . . .

  1. Awww, the poem has its own a-door-ableness, Mr. Tucker! The wording creates a nice happy mood. Just great. 🙂

  2. Mr. Tucker, the poem itself is a-door-able!! Well done! All the words create a nice causing-happiness mood! 🙂

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