emcee growth


pushin you to greatness, wait sun you won’t hate this,
stubborn hard work challenging so you can make this,
grade A, certified, self-determination,
pushing you to grow like forcing seeds into germination,
oaks yelling at acorns to sit down and be patient,
so your future won’t get squirreled away or cracked out on the pavement.

we are not so hard that
we cannot be formed,
emcee egos are castle walls about to be stormed,

emotions are kings
hiding under fancy rap sheets,
“dare to share your heart, we’ll nod our head to its beat,”
whether it’s true or unique, authentic or weird,
in art as in life it’s better to be loved than feared,
so stop scaring your moms and come up out the covers,
prince, nobody believes you even know how to love her,
when all you do is hit, tap, cut, poke, and holla,
a jew like me will twist ya mind up and bake it into challah,
pushing you to greatness
when you reach for mediocre,
content with just leaves
i need you to be an oaker

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