they canceled Reading Rainbow

they canceled Reading Rainbow!!!
they sent bombs to Iraq
they eat at the fancy restaurants
and sit fat in large movie theaters
they like to see violence
it amuses them
they have more things than they can name
they feel ownership of other living things
they bond closely with non-living things
they decided Pluto is not really a planet!
they canceled the Reading Rainbow!
they must not be poets
they must be sick
mad in the head
they come in wearing white coats and drag your butt out
they bang gavels and drag your butt out
if only they’d put on makeup and
drag your butt out
they must not like rainbows
they canceled Reading Rainbow!
if you don’t like rainbows (or drag shows) then you probably don’t like puppies, cookies, presents or orgasms either
they do not like these things
they do not like my jokes
they indulge in homophobic paranoia
(and you were right, puppies, cookies, and presents are all metaphors for something super gay)
they do not like my metaphors
they must not be poets
they do not like my vegan mac n cheese
they do not like vegan anything
they eat cigarettes and breathe raw meat
they like to profit
they need to profit
they live to profit
they make deals
they sell
father, forgive them, for
they know not what they do
they chop and screw
entire nations
they got money for war but won’t feed the poor
they don’t know who’s line that is
they do not know that Tupac Amaru Shakur’s mother worked with the Black Panthers
they are COINTELPRO-fessionally trained
to deceive
they canceled Reading Rainbow!
they made the Simpsons sterile
they are ruthless
they pray to their bathroom mirrors
for more hair
or less hair
or no lines here
or no lumps there
or more curves here
and more lumps there
they teach their children how to loathe themselves
they give their babies Dolce diapers
they give beggars rich snears
they want you to stop complaining
they said Pluto is not a planet!
they canceled Reading Rainbow!
they must not be poets
they must be crazy

2 thoughts on “they canceled Reading Rainbow

  1. thanks bro. yeah, i agree about ass, but i was trying to keep it as family-friendly PG as possible in case i wanna perform it on saturday or for young students. thanks for reading and sharing.

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