no joke

I sat down in front of my computer and thought that I could pound out a poem that would suck me, you, and the rest of this room into it like a tornado, but instead I projectile vomited clichéd meta-whores in a start-stop jerking train of thought that went about three intellectual inches before falling … Continue reading no joke

look away

a pause and a breath then nothing perhaps a stare unfocused unaware unwilling to go there ourselves we cannot even look the dead have names we read and remember we read and forget a pause here or there we pay our respect as though we recognize what we owe no service rendered save for the … Continue reading look away

red leaves

brought on by bright orange and yellow golden sun burning turning seasons turning colors she gets dark crimson after blood red berry no fruit in her leaves except moods for my eyes a spectrum of surprise down the color wheel around rings on trees arms and branched fingers if only fall could linger longer but … Continue reading red leaves