Electric Sunshine

Names? She goes by manyDo not try to label herShe gets out of all your boxesSmiling at your uneasinessInviting you to laugh at yourselfShe won’t do it alone, so you go with herBeautiful five foot something, dark curly hair, She can make prison walls show their dimplesStretching ocean waves flat across the face, a rocky shoreShe’ll … Continue reading Electric Sunshine

braided and baked

braided and baked like challah my identity is constantly turning and being read like torah different interpretations of the same living thing and idea an artifact we can study it is my breath on the bar'chu calling me up to be my tongue on tekiah waking up those who sleep i speak my purpose i … Continue reading braided and baked

miffed, rubbish, brilliant, and other british sayings

these are words that i will bring home with me to the states. miffed, in particular, is one that i really like. it pretty much means pissed, but it sounds cooler. oh, and proper is something they say a lot here too. as is brilliant. a good joke i just heard, when being offered tea. … Continue reading miffed, rubbish, brilliant, and other british sayings

in the UK, Limmud, and being Jewish during Christmas

peace and blessings my friends. today i am writing from Warwick University in the UK. i am here for a week-long conference called Limmud. i don't have pictures to post (yet) because my phone is not active over here, but there will be many beautiful things to see and share over my trip, i'm sure. … Continue reading in the UK, Limmud, and being Jewish during Christmas

Jon Tucker Must Live!

I was born in the backseat of a child’s playground minding my own business, man-child of a conversation untranslated slated to be the next problem the next argument the next five knots in your throat like the most beautiful clog in your tearduct drain pipes overflowing on some American highway off ramp off put exit … Continue reading Jon Tucker Must Live!