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T Street in November

this is the path i walk along everyday when i go to the post office and bank for my job. i thought you’d like to see this gorgeous tree.

the leaves are changing colors and dying. students are studying hard and work is, well, work. luckily in my field even when it is busy and stressful it is still awesome and important. i got a workshop today with an after school program for high school students and almost every week got something booked up with a poetry club here or performance there. i always have time for pretty pictures though. want to send me one of yours? please do. i’d love to see.


red leaves

brought on by bright orange and yellow
golden sun burning
turning seasons
turning colors

she gets dark crimson
after blood red berry
no fruit in her leaves
except moods for my eyes

a spectrum of surprise
down the color wheel
around rings on trees
arms and branched fingers

if only fall could linger

red never stays
she leaves like green
just faster