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Youth Open Mic Saturday

if you’re around the DC area, i hope to see you this saturday at 5pm at the downtown 5th & K Busboys and Poets where i am co-hosting the Youth Open Mic. it goes down every 3rd saturday of the month, same time, same place.


through these eyes

this picture and poem, both by 9th grader Claudia Rojas of Bell Multicultural High School in Washington, DC are amazing. upon seeing this digital creation of hers i told her she had to write a poem to go with it (she told me she wrote, so it made sense). here it is, in all its fabulousness. thanks Claudia!

“Come back,” she called out
but in my haste to get away
from the taste of her cruel words
I didn’t bother myself on looking back
sure I wish I had swallowed my pride
but I can’t say I miss her
at least not to her face
I love her for sharing flaming truths
but I can’t believe she hasn’t burned down Continue reading

the world and me

is a poetry contest for dc student artists with sincere work regarding the world around them. but i don’t need to talk for this fancypants flier. it can talk all on its own. right pic man?