NEA podcast

Josephine Reed at the National Endowment for the Arts interviewed me about my work with young people on the DC Youth Slam Team and with the national poetry and social justice nonprofit Split This Rock. It's a 28 minute pod cast you can hear online at It starts with a student's poem, and the volume is low, … Continue reading NEA podcast

a quick 16

i'm not an ordinary mani'm extra   understandeven when i'm going INi keep an exit planeyes on all sidesthey say they like my visionlearn lessons from the skieson how to keep on givingnever gettin gotyou can't steal the raini'm not tom pettybut i'm free falling mayneheartbreaker gimme glueduct tape and a minutelife ain't a competitionbut they … Continue reading a quick 16

Shout Out to the Youth Empowerment Summit!

today is going to be awesome. I get to meet a hundred or so high school students from various schools around York, PA at Martin Library's 8th Annual Youth Empowerment Summit. i'll be delivering the keynote address, running a couple workshops, and of course performing some poems. hopefully these kids are ready to rock out. … Continue reading Shout Out to the Youth Empowerment Summit!