now hiring pt coordinator

if you know anyone interested
there is now a position open
for a part-time life coordinator

my life is a mess
gray hairs from the stress
schedules and socials
and i must confess

it’s sometimes too much
often a fuss
i need organizing
put can’t pay too much

the ideal candidate will be quick with the word
witty and sharp
know a little web design
or be willing to start
oh, and you must be awesome, eager, and chill
and possess much love, respect, and skill

payment is commensurate with hugability
because there’s no bag of money
just hugs and high accountability

interested candidates
please send me your bio

your first task on the job is to sort through
the pile
and pick the best person
which is obviously you

then give me a call
when the process is through

Speak about it here...

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