Spoken Word in Stockholm, Sweden

i bet you didn’t even know that Sweden has a poetry scene. i wasn’t really sure before coming here. i had never heard of it and would be lucky if i didn’t mistake Sweden for Norway on a map, let alone know of poets from there. well they have a vibrant arts scene and i got to meet with a couple up-and-coming spoken word artists, a few organizers, and the former Swedish Slam Champion while visiting Stockholm over the weekend.

Here is a video of Amer Sarsour sharing a piece at our meeting

Check him out here.

Amer is one of the best young poets on the Stockholm scene today. I look forward to working with him and the other organizers of STREETPOSIA this coming year to bring together academics, artists, and young people from all over the world.

As we were walking around the next evening, we came upon a interesting boutique with what i think is a very captivating display. So captivating, in fact, that i had to capture it on film to show you lovely people far away from Stockholm, Sweden. Enjoy the rotating headphoned-foamhead on turntable….

There was also at the meeting for STREETPOSIA a few poets from Revolution Poetry, a community arts group here in Stockholm. One of their young poets, 17 year old Yodit, shared this poem with the group.

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