shout out to Trinity Univ. for Speakin’ It Real

i had the privilege and the pleasure of facilitating a writing and performance workshop with students at Trinity University here in Washington, DC a couple weeks prior to their open mic event, Speakin’ It Real. i came back to the campus in Northeast DC last Tuesday night for the open mic, as a special invited guest. the students blew me away! it was so great to see them get up and perform with such confidence on stage.

here is a note from a professor there, about me and my work with her students:

Jonathan B. Tucker has a way of relaxing the tensest muscles, setting poetry and performance within reach of even the most uncertain and fearful students. Naturally approachable and engaging, he models the principles and skills he teaches and then enthusiastically and effectively conveys them to others. His work commands attention; listeners feel compelled to catch every word, hanging on a clever turn of phrase or the juxtaposition of provocative ideas. His professionalism and passion cannot help but impress. I would ask him to work with my students again without a single hesitation.
Wendy Bilen Thorbjornsen, M.A., M.F.A.
Assistant Professor of English
Trinity Washington University
Washington, DC

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