Col. Ann Wright said i’m awesome

it meant a whole lot to me today when Col. Ann Wright said, prior to my performance at in Freedom Plaza, that i was awesome. she was talking to one of the stage managers right before both of us were scheduled to go on. Ralph Nader was speaking and we were waiting backstage with a band. the band played a bumping banjo version of This Land Is Your Land as i paced backstage hoping one of my students on the DC Youth Slam Team would show up to perform with me. i let Col. Wright go on perform me to bide some time. for those that don’t know her story, Col. Ann Wright resigned from her prestigious military post in March 2003 in direct protest to the invasion of Iraq. yeah, she is awesome, and a hero. that is not the beginning and end of her story, but it suffices for this brief blog post.

Col. Ann Wright speaks out against war

I went up as Corporate America Man for this show. no students showed up to join me, so i held it down as i know best. started off with my go-to protest poem, I Got The Matches, then talked a bit about Split This Rock, and then performed National Happy Hour. hopefully i’ll get the video up here soon.

until then, here’s a nice photo.

JBT performing as corporate america man

Ralph Nader speaking

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