featuring at Nine on the Ninth

yeah, this guy is featuring at the long-running Nine on the Ninth poetry series on Wednesday, Feb. 9th at 9pm (of course) at the original Busboys and Poets in the Langston Room.

family might be in attendance too. come check it out if you are in or around the washington, dc area. it’s a free show! and the host, poet-in-residence Derrick Weston Brown does a cool 15 minute interview with the feature after their set, prior to the open mic. i look forward to chatting it up with Derrick on stage and answering some audience questions (especially if my mom and dad come). the last time i featured at busboys, my parents came in to town to see me and after my set the first person on the open mic list was my mom. she got up and did an awesome poem about me. i told her to please come and perform again, but that she could write about anything, not just me.

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