Oh and he broke my pen in half

Matt slapped me 3 times and when I tried to write you a note he took it and put it in his mouth and spit it at me. He cursed at me when he saw that you gave me a gatorade and was hitting golfballs really hard around the house. Then after I told mom he hit me in the arm really hard then he kicked me and hit me again. Then he wouldn’t get out of my room after I asked him nicely. Then he threatened to punch me in the jaw while holding his fist up. Finally he walked away cursing and saying he hated me. Oh and he broke my pen in half.

~ this is a note that i wrote when i was a very young kid being tormented by my older brother. my mom had saved it and gave it to me when i was home last. apparently i would try to write down everything that he did to use as evidence when my parents got home so that i could get justice. don’t worry, my brother and i are on good terms now. i just thought that this note was very funny and worth sharing.

One thought on “Oh and he broke my pen in half

  1. I cannot stop laughing about this!

    I too used the written word to state my case to my parents when I had an important argument to present — like why I should totally be able to see the Jurassic Park movie even though it was PG 13. I wrote an essay, and I got to see the movie. It was not that good.

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