i better find your heart

being in a relationship and listening to the top 40 r & b radio hits, it seems like every song is about you. have you ever had that feeling? it can be very dangerous to listen to the radio, even when not in a relationship. just having a crush on someone and hearing these sappy songs can often be enough to throw off your whole day and funk up your mood. music has some power.

in my case, my partner is leaving to go teach in India for a year. although it is an awesome cause (check out her boarding school for students from extreme poverty http://www.shantibhavanonline.org/), we are not going to try to maintain such a super long distance relationship for that period of time. hopefully things will be cool when she gets back, but you never know. in the meantime, i’m here listening to the (terrible) radio and getting all emo because each and every song, except that new eminem and rihana jont, seems to be about us.

perhaps it’s time to take the sage advice of dead prez and rage against the machine and TURN OFF THE RADIO!

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