dc slam finals friday may 14th

i am competing against some of the best performance poets in the dc area, and i’m already shakin in me boots! no joke. except for the fact that i’m not wearing boots in this weather. it is crazy hot out today.

but if you can come out to busboys and poets on friday, may 14th at 10pm to support me in this slam, i will really appreciate it. i need all the love, support, and noise i can get. the more the audience loves my poems the higher the scores the judges will give me and the more likely i will be able to place in the top 4. that’s all i need to do. just make the top 4.

i’m still working on new pieces to do that night, and no, i will not share them until then (unless we’re really close). the competition is extremely talented. 3 of the poets i’m competing against won a NUSPA (national underground spoken word poetry award) for best poet, writer or performer. i won one too (yay!), but mine was for my work in the community, not my performance. and at the slam they ain’t judging on nobility or good work outside the stage. i just got 3 minutes to wow the judges and make them put up 10’s. basically, i’m scared y’all. help me out!

One thought on “dc slam finals friday may 14th

  1. Jonathan –

    Congrats on your NUSPA award!! That’s so great. Good luck at the SLAM… I’ll be cheering.

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