national underground spokenword poetry awards

our friends at great publishing are sponsoring the 2010 national underground spokenword poetry awards on may 1st at the l’enfant hotel. you can still nominate poets if you register at

there is only one more week to nominate poets, groups, venues, hosts for awards. then the online voting will begin in april along with national poetry month. i will let you know who i think you should vote for when the nominees are announced. i’m gonna be at the event and would love to see you there. i think that same day is may day, a date reserved for commemorating the struggle of workers to earn rights that we take for granted like the 8 hour work day or the weekend. the friggin weekend! thank you workers. often there are mobilizations and marches, demonstrations and parties to celebrate may day, so if you come to dc we can do that during the day and this awards show at night. think about it. put it on your calendar. reserve your seat before they sell out.

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