i bloom you bloom

we bloom together when we find a way to shine through the winter


and Bloombars is all about helping our community shine in these cold times. not really a bar at all, this

cozy community art space is solely dedicated to the art on the stage and the people in the seats. the outside is colorfully painted by local artists, making the spot pop out of the sidewalk just north of Wonderland on 11th st nw.

i will be hosting some youth open mics there this winter, so go check out some of their amazing (FREE but donations are encouraged) music shows this week and next. every sunday evening around 8pm there is a great show. they even started the most amazingly audacious and unpredictable thing: poetry in the morning. that’s right! a high school student from the area asked for a chance to spit before going to school on monday morning, so we get up and open the doors by 7:30am so that we can start the week of on the good foot. please come support and check out this amazing community art space.

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