mostly forced heaving

i’m slamming again on friday, and i’m not quite prepared. does that mean i’m fated to get another devastatingly low score like last month’s 4.3? we certainly hope not. but it’s not about the points, right, the poetry is the point. or so they tell me. i’ve been writing more recently than i have in the less recent but still not too long ago past, so that gives me a bit of a choice in what to perform. it’s still been mostly forced writing, which is never as good as the projectile vomit poetry that just jumps out your gut when it is ready, not when you are. but some gems have appeared amidst the forced heaving poems of late. but i’m not going to post them on here just yet. i’ve got to get them into the editting shop and fix ’em up first. you deserve only the best. yes indeed. see you on the other side of the sun. PEACE!

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