hot damn, summer in the city

back of my neck gettin dirty and grity


i’ve been funemployed for about a week now, and i’m lovin it y’all. but i still want a job, so if you’ve got any connections or ideas, please lemme know. meanwhile i will keep doing the open mic thing and applying for jobs around the area. went to a new wednesday open mic at bohemian caverns last night. the event is called verses, and is hosted by some nice peeps all the way from richmond, va. they showed me and my crew some love, so i will be back. but not every week, coz that shit costs $7. you gotta love being down inside the cave though.

until i find a full-time gig, i might just become a houseboy for my friends, cleaning yards and rooms and doing odd jobs. lemme know if you need your porch sweeped! and yes, that is both figuratively and literally.

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