fabulous weekend


my good friend henry’s show was this past weekend. as the emcee/stage manager, i got to control the crowd of friends and family that came out to the dc arts center friday night to see the amazing new show. it was my first time seeing the show, and although i’ve heard many of the poems before, i was very impressed with the creativity, depth, and overall performance of it. henry’s poetry is very biographical, and in this show he weaves his mother’s, father’s, and grandparents’ stories together with some of his own views of current struggles to form a vibrant yet deeply contemplative whole. it is a pleasure to watch, and i hope we can book some more dates for him soon so that more people can see it.


was the final circle and cast party for this year’s city at peace team. they made a song about me and the other volunteers. here is a pic of them performing it in front of us. it was super sweet. FAP RAP

we also spoofed the entire show. i got to play the genie. it was hilarious good times. later that night i went with a friend to see one of the students (will, the light-skinned brother with the afro) dj at this cool little venue in takoma park. him and i have been talking djing and trading tips/tricks about it for a while now, and he still has my mixer and a couple records of mine. will! lemme get those back before you leave for college.


happy happy father’s day at home with the family. just some good old grillin and chillin the backyard, drinking and laughing with the fam and some close neighborhood friends. afterward, while the fam was napping (perhaps itis induced), i went to visit some new crofton friends of mine. this is cameron. Cameronas you can see, he is a super cutie. he and his sister, angel, had fun at the park with me and their mommy and some other random neighborhood kids. look at the pics below to relive the experience yourself.

Angel1angel taking a small spill into the grass. this kid below was the trickster showing us how do to it right. superman!!!!!


crofton, i’ll come back to see ya later, but probably not until the end of summer.
stay classy.

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