hella good times

woke up on an old friend’s couch this morning, and made my way back to the city thanks to a crucial ride from my sister. thanks steph!

looking forward to the spit dat open mic tonight on u street. i’m bringing that old friend and introducing him to my spit dat family. sorta like a merging of two worlds for me, which is always fun. add in a few cyphers and some good food and dancing, and this night is gonna be hella chillified. yeah, i said hella. and chillified. we had a discussion last night about the usage of “hella” “mad” “wicked” and other such slang sayings which all pretty much mean the same thing. i’ve decided to actively bring “hella” out of the west and introduce it to the rest. it works for me (i think).

after the open mic tonight, there is a bhangra party in adams morgan. if you don’t know, you better ask somebody, coz bhangra is where it’s at!! (forreal though, ask someone). or check out www.subcontinentaldrift.com and come out to our bhanging events. we do this thing monthly, and it don’t get no better.

o, and i’m dj-ing a friend’s going away party friday night in silver spring. hit me up for details. we’d love to have you come join us (and i’d love some help lugging my equipment up and down stairs . . . uggggh, workout!). gotta spin that vinyl though. keepin it always a little more old school than i can legitimately claim. i’m an 80’s baby, what?

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