I Should’ve Cussed on the News

at the protests the news reporters keep coming up to me, asking my thoughts and why i’m there. i keep telling them there are better people to talk to and that i can put them in touch with some of the young black people leading this march. i might refuse to do the interviews from now on, but i’m a sucker for the camera. here i am on news channel 8 last night as we shut down DC to raise our voices for justice for Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

here’s the link to the video. 


i stopped myself from saying something about a fucked up world we live in because i knew it was live. i shouldn’t have been so respectful. should’ve let my passions continue, but i was trying to sound intelligent and make some cogent points. i should’ve cussed. should’ve chanted. should’ve directly addressed the viewers. meh. ima just follow the chants, link up, and march in the streets again tonight, and probably tomorrow too.

words that saved me today

so in a random online conversation with a former student now in college, amid regular talk of school and adjusting to college life, this student hits me with something I didn’t expect. she was a relatively shy student and she probably never won nor entered a poetry slam. nevertheless she stayed involved and kept writing and coming to workshops. randomly, after I thought the conversation was over, she hit me with the following words that totally saved me. this work can be tiring. it can be draining. we can lose faith and doubt our effectiveness. I doubt a lot. I doubt everything. I often think everyone over-hypes my work and gives me undue praise. I always think there is more to do or that I’m not making enough of a difference. recently I’ve felt very drained and doubtful. her words will keep me going for years.


to paraphrase, she said:


 if I didn’t ever tell you, i want you to know that you really have helped me with my poetry and confidence. I thank you so much:) I’m very glad to hear that you are still doing what you love because it keeps me going knowing that I can do the same after college. Keep doing you JBT


don’t worry y’all. I will keep doing me. as long as i possibly can.


NEA podcast

Josephine Reed at the National Endowment for the Arts interviewed me about my work with young people on the DC Youth Slam Team and with the national poetry and social justice nonprofit Split This Rock. It’s a 28 minute pod cast you can hear online at http://arts.gov/audio/jonathan-tucker 

It starts with a student’s poem, and the volume is low, so turn it up to 11! 

NEA podcast

Thanks for listening. 

Leave me a comment to let me know I didn’t sound like a bumbling fool, because that’s what I always feel like after interviews. 

a quick 16

i’m not an ordinary man
i’m extra
even when i’m going IN
i keep an exit plan

eyes on all sides
they say they like my vision
learn lessons from the skies
on how to keep on giving

never gettin got
you can’t steal the rain
i’m not tom petty
but i’m free falling mayne

heartbreaker gimme glue
duct tape and a minute
life ain’t a competition
but they say i’m gonna win it

i say i’m dedicated
like the page after the title
ten thousand RPM’s
my heart’s never on idle

i’m gear-shifting, spirit-lifting
writing ish you wish you could
getting paid to talk to kids from
london to englewood

rockin stages with my sheroes
they say they like my style
words are so deep
you ain’t heard ‘em in a while

some call me eight mile
but i ain’t eminem
more yehuda amichai and einstein
mixed with howard zinn


(from L to R) my mans Pages, CJ, and me at Brave New Voices in Philly this past weekend.

David vs. Goliath Poetry Slam Sunday July 6th

As a fundraiser for both the adult and youth slam teams representing DC, we are having the Beltway Poetry Slam Team compete against the DC Youth Slam Team. It all goes down this Sunday, July 6th at Penn Social, 801 E Street, NW, Washington, DC. Come witness the amazing talent of DC’s national slam teams. You can purchase tickets here.

David Vs Goliath 2014

DJing dead prez show tonight

this is going to be major. i’m hyped to meet and rock with some revolutionary hip-hop icons tonight. all part of 5 days for the Cuban 5.


deadprezforthecuban5.bpt.me for tix


The International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 presents the DC launch party for “BATTLE CRY FOR CUBA AND ZIMBABWE,” a project of M1 and Obi Egbuna Jr.

Dead Prez
Live Concert in DC

Backed up by DC’s own “DJ PhenomeJon” will also be several impressive local progressive performers representing a variety of music genres. As well as several impressive local progressive performers representing a variety of music genres:

Mikaeli and Gigi
Khadijah (Akabella Live)
Denyse Pearson
The Pinnaka
Precise Science
Joose Justis
Reggae artist, Angela Benjamin
Myia X and Natural Bliss
Bomani Armah
Janelle Gill

$20 advance, $25 door, cash only.

Tickets are also available for purchase in person at:

Institute for Policy Studies
1112 16th Street NW, Suite 600
Washington DC 20036

Sankofa Video, Books & Cafe
2714 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001

Co-sponsors: Organization of Graduate Sociologists-HU Chapter, Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI), DC Metro Coalition to Free the Cuban 5, Institute for Policy Studies, Art Under Pressure, WPFW 89.3 FM, WE ACT Radio 1480 AM


Making Movies

i’m having fun filming and editing video.

check out this new piece promoting the Louder Than a Bomb DMV Teen Poetry Slam Festival.