Daily Archives: August 18, 2009

poetic form

i’ve heard tell of haiku and sonnet, limerick and pantoum, and whatnot, but here are the kinds of poems that i am used to hearing as a performance poet.

backwards and forwards poems.
tongue twisters. essays. love poems.
anaphora anaphora anaphora.
circular poems. biographic.
sing-songy. rap. screaming
poems. snap your fingers.
stomp your feet poems.
religion. politics. revolution.
talkin bout music or the media poems.
love. lust. hate. breakup poems.
and animals.
molestation and rape.
take your breath and
make you scream poems.
goosebumps and chills.
family. story poems.
funny. stupid and sorry poems.


from the desk of . . .

prof. tucker & ms. gowri k.

take your stinky monkey butt
over potpourri piles
fragrant vagrant sit still
and let’s collect your things up
starting lower again
down the upper and higher
the flyer the bigger the message
the smaller the flier: take my
card. grandmaster flash me
trash me like oscar the grouch
mash me like your mom’s potatoes