Monthly Archives: May 2009

slamming june 12th in dc

in addition to the spots i frequent weekly for my poetry fix, i will be slamming on friday, june 12th at the 14th & v street, nw busboys and poets. only $5 to get in, and tickets go on sale in the bookstore starting at 10pm.

this slam determines who will be on the dc slam team going to compete in nationals in august. so come out and show your love. i’ll keep y’all updated.



hella good times

woke up on an old friend’s couch this morning, and made my way back to the city thanks to a crucial ride from my sister. thanks steph!

looking forward to the spit dat open mic tonight on u street. i’m bringing that old friend and introducing him to my spit dat family. sorta like a merging of two worlds for me, which is always fun. add in a few cyphers and some good food and dancing, and this night is gonna be hella chillified. yeah, i said hella. and chillified. we had a discussion last night about the usage of “hella” “mad” “wicked” and other such slang sayings which all pretty much Continue reading


the hard-working, lovely students of city at peace invited me to headline their fundraising event at busboys and poets on march 28, 2009. i was very humbled and surprised that they even asked me, so i made sure to put … Continue reading

forthcoming ish

good day people of the interweb. thanks for checking my site. there will be lots more to come soon. i just set this piece up, so i gots to add lots of content. basically, this site is my way of letting you know what’s new and exciting in my world. if you like my poetry, i will post video and text of it here (sometimes). i’ll also be dropping some knowledge on heads about random ish that concerns or interests me. heh, it’s what i do. peace.

mind the gap

so i volunteer with a great group called Level-Ten, and soon we will have our crazy awesome poetry collaboration video up on their new site ( so check back for an update on that. basically, three of my talented poet friends got down with me on the metro to speak about the achievement gap in education. we came up with a powerful piece that offers four different perspectives on the issue. also, check out if you are interested. i used to run that piece with Level-Ten.

if you live in the DC or Atlanta metropolitan area and are interested in volunteering with Level-Ten to help close the achievement gap, please do hit me up to learn how to get involved.