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i just had to re-post this great article by Tim Wise. Let’s play a game, shall we? The name of the game is called “Imagine.” The way it’s played is simple: we’ll envision recent happenings in the news, but then … Continue reading

Dear David,

a six sided star fishes for identity on my chest
tucked under a mixed family it dangles like a
worm on a hook under American waters

David, you’ve become a constellation we no longer strain to see
like a king’s crown your yellow light showed us through the darkest times
exposed us to the darkest crimes
when you labeled us
a problem
a question
they answered with genocide; another problem
another question
they answered with atomic bombs
more problems
we stop asking
and instead promise never again
we lie
as our babies boom
might as well drop them out of the planes
it makes as much sense as cartoons
as war propaganda

Dear David,
they gave you a nation, but what did you say?
are you trapped between those two blue bars
or can you still get away?
because Israel was dropped on top of Palestine and is there to stay
like one triangle turned around and dropped on another
you see David, my brother, cannot be anti-Semitic
if he is as Semitic as me, Isaac
Ishmael just wants to be free
but you’ve got him building pyramids from the charred dust of bulldozed homes in the Gaza
stripped of rights
you’ve let your brother sleep naked and hungry too many nights
you Pharaoh
cashing checks from the West, Bank
you’ve become settled, in your thinking
unlike your Torah, you do not move
you have not turned
you six sided sinner
you blind Goliath
you have a hexagon center that points nowhere but inward
what are you looking for out in that desert?
is it another ghetto?
are you just jealous of the swastika’s popularity among disaffected youth?
are you trying to be a bad-ass?
or are you just an abused child now grown up
molesting your nephew and calling him names?

Dear David,
our homeland is neither
just like the Christian Right
and you, my symmetrical friend
represent me no longer
you are a problem
a question
they answer with violence, repression
more problems
more questions
your jagged corners do not know how to answer

how ashamed you’ve made us
I used to cover my notebooks with pictures of you
now I tuck you under my shirt
in order to hide
my association with
my role in unwillingly supporting
your racial, national, religious apartheid
you make me sick, David

oceans away, you fish for identity on my chest
reminding me of who i am
because of how you can’t be
reminding me of where i come from
by showing us where we can’t go
you are a fallen star
not lucky nor bright
and I still see myself in you far too often
like some birthright trip to hypocrisy from Crofton, MD
because all I can say is
never again
as I put my necklace away
and pray
that we end
this oppression

8th graders

are awesome

and can write some really deep poetry

i had the pleasure of meeting and working with about 30 students this morning and (keeping in mind that i was on the 2009 dc slam team and am competing to be on the 2010 dc slam team) the quality of their work had me floored. well, not all of them, but these students were crazy talented. many of them were better than some of the people that compete at the adult dc slam team. they are in 8th grade!

more to come soon.

i hope to get this blog jumpin somehow soon. maybe some poetry. maybe some music. maybe some videos. maybe some typos and lies. we’ll see. thanks for keeping up. i love you.

a bit of truth for the world

all the joy the world contains
has come through wishing happiness for others
all the misery the world contains
has come through wanting pleasure for oneself

~Shantideva, The Way of the Bodhisattva

opened mic

join me at the garden, a lovely communtiy arts event at bloombars every monday night. i have opened a mic there and some wonderful people are showing their colors this time of year. check it out at